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One summer, we drove from SF to Chicago and then down to Florida. We were driving through either Alabama or Mississippi and were in search of a cheap motel. I could go on with my recollections but this comment is already way too long. Travis is right; the age of the great family road trip is dead. At the time, I really dreaded those trips. Now, I look back upon them with great fondness. They were, indeed, quite a uniquely American cultural experience.

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We never took road trips of any distance when I was young because our relatives lived miles away. Most often we would go up the coast of California and camp on the beach for a week or drive to San Francisco or Yosemite. About every other year one parent would take one child on a flight back east to visit relatives but we never made a family trip by air travel due to cost — it was extreme.

Not necessarily dead. We have done the metro New York to south Florida drive several times—over miles on the minivan round trip. Try flying that with five people around Christmas or New Years or anytime surrounding school vacations. Cost is insane we used to do it. Then try renting a minivan in south Florida over several times the cost other times during the rest of the year.

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If there are irregular opps when you fly during that period, accommodating 5 on completely booked flights is highly problematic. In general, hotels on the journey are cheap, it is a great way to rack up paid nights for status and also a great way to use up that Marriott cat voucher. So, totally worth it to us to pack whatever the minivan will hold and save thousands of dollars.

It all depends where you are going. I want to drive to Alaska, but then I think I could do it for free right now. So I have a hard time justifying the drive. Plus time is always an issue and driving just takes more time. We will be road tripping in Spain this week. I went on a crosscountry trip back in Two friends, a dog 62 convertible vw van. We spent 3 mos. On the road. In 2 weeks my mom and I are leaving for 3 weeks. Imperator, you should share more memories for those of us like me who find them intriguing and amusing.

It was a good trip will do it again.

Best Road-Trip Cars and Best Cars for Cross-Country Driving

Many of the above reasons pertain, but the main one is — who the heck can take two weeks off their job anymore not to mention have any vacation left for other holidays? Anything less than two weeks for a driving trip is not worth it. We used to do many as a kid and would love to do one for my daughter. This article bring flood of memories of road trips. Over 40 years of memories and we are still rolling across the country to this day.

My father was from Iowa and living in Oregon, so we went back to the Midwest often. Three weeks vacation was common.

Growing up, we always take the long route home, which is the most interesting part of the road trips. We set up intentionally to do this and it was great. We flew into Seattle and out from San Diego to our home in Minnesota. The entire trip was 11 days and it was great. Not long ago, drove Arkansas to Michigan over a week plus. Have driven around the outside of Florida, through the Dakotas and Montana, as well as Oklahoma and Kansas — three trips, not one! Definitely not as exciting as First Class, Round-the-World trips, but there is plenty to see out there, and people tend to forget.

With that in mind, headed to Fiji, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong later this year, you know, to balance things out. I live in Alaska where the residents here fly more per capita than any other state.

We are seeing an increase every year in the amount of motor homes coming up here and cruise ship passengers. Condor And Iceland Air have seasonal flights now to Anchorage. But I started traveling long term in and did a lot more flying. I love trains the most. I dont like long roadtrips, id rather fly somewhere and enjoy the destination, tour around, hassle free. Your post was timely because we are leaving this weekend on a road trip from Seattle to Washington, DC and back. My wife and I thought it would be a good idea to show our 9-year-old son some of the country.

Two years ago, we drove to the Bay Area and back and he enjoyed seeing the scenery. We considered flying but decided against it so he could see some places that his friends have talked about e.

Does Anyone Still Take Cross Country Roadtrips?

He also interested in various wars so we will stop at some battlefields, especially from the Civil War. I remember that, when I first traveled to Europe many years ago, I and many of my fellow American travelers promised that we would see more of the U. Was a great trip! We avoided the highways and enjoyed fantastic views etc. What surprised me most, that we were normally alone on the roads. Not a single car for miles… Would definately recommend it. Good on you! So true. Here in Europe we went by car or — even more oftenly — we took a bus. Two days and two nights from Czech Republic to Spain or Greece — you name it.

Of course I mean busses with slightly reclinable seats, no bed, no nights in the hotels. Your math seems to be created at Google. The only people I know who do road trips these days are families with schoolteachers who can take 2 weeks or more for a long drive. Mind you, I live in western Canada where distances are vast. When I was a kid growing up in the 80s though, flying vacations were pretty rare.

Everyone did a flying vacation at least once, but it was exceptional, like the one trip to Disney World, or the big trip to California or whatever. Definitely not an annual event for most kids. It was only 30 years ago but in some ways it was quite a different time. It was great fun! I made my wife commit to staying in Hilton brands so we could maximise the Diamond status, and get a tonne of points in the process and save on breakfast.

We are retired and regularly take long road trips — by long I mean in the , mile range.

I wanted to see Alaska so last year drove from Kelowna near Seattle to Anchorage. The only way to see the country is to drive through it. I managed to do this as a one-way by selling and ancient Trooper in Anchorage and flying home. Only one road in and out so a repeat trip was not attractive. The previous year we drove to Toronto to start a flight to Europe.

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We travelled through the US to take advantage of cheap gas and accommodation partial mattress run. We chose a different route each way. The previous year we drove to St. Johns, Newfoundland and return. I had worked in St.

1. Plan Out Your Main Stops Ahead of Time

Great trip. Another very interesting trip. Before that we rented a Toyota mini-camper and toured around Australia for 90 days. But sure was a great opportunity to meet with other travellers at night in the campgrounds so that made it very worthwhile. Unless your trip is exclusively the destination then it does not pay to fly — rent a car — fly — rent a car as you never see all the little towns and scenery between stops. So for us the road trip is never dead.

Have a plan, but not a rigid one

But there are some trips that I would not do again. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. My childhood was all about road trips My childhood was spent on the road, not in the air. More from One Mile at a Time. Comments I know plenty of people who prefer to drive over flying for multiple reasons.